Pleasure Island

I was late to the party. Apparently there’s a new hype called Minimalism. At first, I only saw Pinterest posts and articles in styling magazines about this new minimalism trend like buy this to rock minimalism! You could get so much stuff called minimalism, like overpriced minimalist design, cheap decoration knock offs, lot’s of simple fast-fashion clothing, a house that falls within the architectural category of minimalism to show off or CD’s in order to listen to minimal. But, how would that change my life in a good way? Do I really stay hip and happening, or happy as they call it, when following this trend? Even though I hate minimal music? Will I really feel great doing so, even though white bleached, straight, half long hair combined with cherry-red lipstick and a grey cable sweater makes me look ill? How long will the thrill of being part of the it-crowd make me happy? Am I part of it or do I just look like? How long will the trend last before a new trend is coming? Should I keep my old trendy stuff, until that trend is coming back? Can I bring back my fake boobs of the 90s in exchange of a big fat ass squeezed into a minimalist bodycon dress? Is this the answer?


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