The amount of blogposts written around the world are overwhelming. Chances are pretty low that someone else than me will read this. If you read this. Hello there! Still, chances are pretty low that you keep reading or that you will come back to read another.


I don’t.

I mean, I’m glad you’re here and all. It’s nice to have readers. Otherwise, I could have set this blog to private. But, I didn’t. Because I would like you to be here and maybe even stick around. What I mean is, that I don’t need readers to write. Getting readers or money, is not the purpose of this blog. I also don’t care about the fact that there are millions of people who have greater knowledge about this topics or skills for whatever.

I did care about this. Like, why should I write about anything even though I am not in the front line? Why write when nobody reads it? The thing is: There will always be someone better. Also, everything knowledgeable has been spread innumerable times. Bullshit even more often.

Why not?

I somehow just got the urge to write a blog for myself. That’s all. Why write when nobody reads it? started to feel the same as why think, when nobody can hear it? Because there will never be nobody. There is always someone. Me. So, why not?


This is a personal journal. It’s my journal of my journey. The journey I think we all make. Our journey. Your journey. The journey to continuous meaning and happiness.

We walk the same path. Maybe you walk behind me, then I hope you will benefit from my footsteps. Maybe you walk in front of me, then I hope I can benefit from yours. Maybe, even, we walk next to each other. In that case, we can walk hand in hand figuring it out together.


about becoming a better version of myself and spreading important messages my self knows. Everything knowledgeable has been spread innumerable times. Nothing knowledgeable can be spread enough times. I am mostly smart, sometimes funny, always frank.

If you think there are enough reasons for you to stick around, than hopefully we’ll meet here again. Pin my page and leave a comment.

Yours sincerely,



Oh, and this is my beloved partner and I (in Venice, Italy)