3 liters of water: This is what happened

I still had to come back at you on the February Challenge. Then, I completed the 30-day water challenge. Here, you can read more about it.

I didn’t review the challenge because I don’t like repeating stuff from the internet I’m not an expert in like “According to this study drinking water does x” (Read this with the voice of an anchorman). Also I don’t like to think about how I can make an article more clickable with titles like “I drank 3 liters of water for 30 days. This is what really happened!”. Then I thought: Who am I pleasing, really? I write this blog for me first and foremost. This is not work. I don’t have to do anything. I just give you my overall experience on this one.


What I can tell? It did wonders for me! I’m a new person.

Well, not quite. It has benefits. Your body needs it after all. Water your most important life line. hAlso, tere is no downside to drinking a lot of water (unless you get water poisoned, off course). Just don’t expect it to be a magic pill that solves all your problems, especially when you have real problem . For example, skinproblems: Yes, your eye bag will shrink, if you have any, your wrinkles will get softened, if you have any, and some pimples or blackheads, the ones on your temple, will vanish, if you have any. Water will “pump” up and clean your skin to some level. It just won’t replace a facelift or Photoshop.


I would like to point out two things that often gets misunderstood. First, is, you think that you’ll lose fat when drinking water. Yeah, as if water washes away your body fat. If that would be the case. This clearly is fiction. However, studies have shown that you burn more calories after drinking water, especially when it’s cold water. Burning calories could mean that you burn fat. This, off course is only true when your calorie intake is the same or below your BMR. Also, when drinking more water, you’ll probably eat less overall and stop drinking sugared drinks. By the way, the clinical trial subjects were all overweight or obese. I’m wondering how much effect this really has on normal sized people.

You might feel and look slimmer because you probably lost water. That’s sounds contradictory, but it isn’t. Your body is like a smart river. The water needs to flow. If the water stops coming in, your body will put rocks somewhere the river line in order to stop the water from running through. That water will not only load up; it will also stand still. You know what happens in still water? It gets toxic. So does your body. It’s called oedema. As soon as your body feels that fresh water coming in, it will remove that rocks and the oedema will vanish slowly. Just remember you did lose water or maybe a little weight, just not fat per se.

Second is that, apparently, digestions issues will go away. I hoped for wonders since my digestion isn’t that great, even though I heat healthy and such (TMI, I know). I can assure you it does help but only if you’re the type that is constipated too often. Drinking enough water adds fluids to the colon which helps make things, ahem, move smoothly. That also happens when you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome like me meaning that you prefer it not to move even more smoothly (I know, WTMI). This wasn’t very welcomed, but I assume it will balance itself out in the long run.

Water is to your body like what an oil change is to a car. In order to run well, it needs to get refreshed. Go drink water.


You might also struggle with drinking enough, just like me.vHere are some tips to make it easier to drink more water:

  1. By far the most important: Take a sustainable bottle with you and fill it whenever it is empty. If you cannot find a place to fill up the bottle, the app OasePlaces might be at your service. his app will show you where to find the nearest fountain or water bottle fill-up station whenever and wherever in the United States. If you forget to drink, just like me, use a water reminder app. There are some out there called Plant Nanny, Daily Water and iDrated and many more. You can, off course, schedule it yourself by setting the alarm several times a day.
  2. Drink one glass of water before every snack or meal. That’s an easy reminder AND you eat less. Maybe even you mixed up being thirsty with being hungry and you won’t eat that snack at all.
  3. Fed up with water or you just don’t like the taste of nothing? Don’t replace it with soda or coffee only. Try fruits and veggies in your bottle. If that still doesn’t taste right. Put in some fresh juice in the bottle (a glas of juice, one liter water).
  4. Eat more fruits and vegetables. These are full of fluids. Soup is also a great way to boost your fluid intake.
  5. Last, but not least:





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