Draw an hour a day

We’re going great with this challenges thing. You probably know that I have a NYE resolution: Do one challenge a month. I’ve explained the why and how right here. This time, it’s all doing what you love.



Finally, it’s may! The son stays up for a little longer, the trees and flowers are exploding. Everything looks nicer. Even the rain smells great. This month is about a challenge that goes well together with that spirit. Drawing everyday.


This is not an article about why drawing is so good for you and your spirit. “You all should start drawing!”Is not something you’ll hear me say. You do you, whatever that means. This challenge is about doing more what you actually like doing. You know, the things we never seem to have time for. BEcause we’re all so busy, busy, busy. When did being busy became a cool thing? My partner grew up in that Surinam culture where everybody tells you that live is chill. Have you ever tried to tell your boss “Great, just very chill” when he asks “you how you’re doing”? Even the thought of it feels off. But it’s not a good trend at all. It’s neither healthy, nor beneficial. This is where the drawing comes in. Drawing is something I loved doing since I was able to hold a pen. In a restaurant with my four-year old version? Just give me a pen and a napkin. 22 hour drive to spain with my 8-year-old version? No problem, give me the back seat with some pens, payer and my Walkman. I was the one in art class who was allowed whatever she felt, because it will be good anyway. Drawing competitions started and I participated. After school mural class and I was in.

You get the point. But, somehow, I stopped doing it. First you get distracted by live. Then, you just have no time left for such things. Such things, the things we love but not prioritize because others prioritized anything else for us already. Teachers prioritized school, parents prioritized homework, housework and after school activities, friends prioritized BFF-fun, boyfriends prioritized us-time, bosses prioritized work, colleagues prioritized after work drinks……And then there was just no time left for the things you would like to prioritize.


Guess what? After all those years not practicing, I forgot how to draw. No joke. Even though I did it for so long, I just forgot. This is a perfect example that practice beats talent every time. It frustrates me. It makes me don’t want to do it. It makes me want to be great at it. It makes me feel all sorts of emotions. After all those tries, I never pushed through because of frustration, anger, hope and wants. I had to admit to myself, that I have to start all over. From scratch. I have to learn a new skill. There is only one key to success here: Practice. There are more tips out there but key is PRACTICE.

This is wat I’ll do, then. 

The challenge for this month is to draw at least one hour a day or more. It doesn’t matter what or when, as long as I’m at least one hour actually doing it.


My goal is to just be able to draw or paint again. My end goal right now would be to learn digital painting and combine it with photography. Who know what this will bring me. Baby steps.


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