Get that diploma

I guess, you know now, but to be sure: I have a NYE resolution I will stick to this time: Do one challenge a month. I’ve explained the why and how right here.

This challenge is different, but since I find it challenging, I guess it counts.



The idea of doing challenges is to do things differently. To try something new. This challenge is not new, it’s the finish line of something I’ve done the past year. Since march 2016 I’m back into studying. It’s a post academic vocational study for in-house lawyers. You can compare it with the education you have to do when becoming an attorney. In march I’ will graduate. It will be very tough, and that’s why this will be my challenge for this month.

In order to this study you must have a master’s degree in law and at least 2 years of working experience. This means that they assume you to have a lot of background knowledge. I do have the degree and the experience, but knowledge fades. It’s not like I still know everything I’ve learned in college. So, that means you have to relearn a lot when doing the courses on top of the study material. Also, I’m not that type of person who learns until you brain explodes. My motto in college was: If you have a high degree, you haven’t had enough free time. Because of that, studying during college was mostly chill. Also, I haven’t studied like in college for a long time. You forget how to do that, really! So, this time, I had to put work into it. And boy, it  was tough!

Since the beginning of the education I had exams every two weeks. Every two weeks covered one complete legal subject that’s necessary to know as an in-house legal counsel. Think of contract law, competition law, privacy, employment law and so forth followed by an all day class the following week. It doesn’t sound like a lot but it as. I won’t bother you with the details of it. My weekends and sometimes evenings were scheduled for this education on top of my regular work week as an in-house legal counsel. This time, my brain did explode!

In march, I have the final oral exam. One hour before the exam I will get the case I have to solve concerning one or more subjects I’ve studied the past year. During the one hour oral exam following I get additional questions asked about the why I solved the case the way I did. Yes, you’ve learned everything already, so it seems easy. But it’s so much information that you cannot just recall it all. Therefore I have to, again, relearn everything in march until the exam will take place.

I said “will” pass the exam. This sounds like a clear case. No challenge here, right? On the contrary. I said I will because I really have no choice. I have to. I want to. My job depends on it. I hate losing. I’ve put too much effort in this. Off course, I don’t know if I will pass. Oh, by the way, did I mention that I have atychiphobia? It’s a fancy word for the fear of failure. Normal amount of doubt regarding success in certain project, relationships or examinations is usually present in most people. However, when the fear of failure takes on an extreme form then it a thing. I have that with examinations. You might ask yourself: Why on earth would you get such a high education when this is so stressful to you? How does this go well together with the fact that I’m not a high achiever with grades? These are all reasonable questions, but that’s a whole other subject I won’t discuss here. I might talk about this a little more in a different post. For now, you can imagine the stress I put myself through, especially because it’s oral!

Because of all the above, it’s a real challenge. To me, it’s enough challenge for one month. No free time and energy left over for anything else.


I might not be able to post a lot, either. I haven’t before. As soon as this is over and I reloaded myself again, I promise (myself), I’ll be back.




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