You have to buy N.O.T.H.I.N.G.

My challenge of January is going to be though one. I guess. I see money coming in for the charity already! If you want to know why I’m doing monthly challenges and what I meant with charity, you can read more here.



We have too much stuff. Period. Unless you’re an extreme minimalist, don’t tell me you don’t have stuff you don’t really need. Like really need. No, you don’t need that old teddy bear that was your favourite when you were two years old. You also don’t need those gorgeous black leather high heels you bought online. These might be your nice-to-haves, but you won’t die if you wouldn’t have them. Not even due to sadness of missing it. Trust me.

We have too much stuff. Yet, we buy more and more. Joshua once listed staggering numbers about the North American way of living. 300,000 items per household. Per household! And while the Western Europeans score somewhat better, still, both combined (12 percent of the world’s population) accounts for 60 percent of private consumption spending.

We have too much stuff. And we hate it. We are stressed and disorganized. No wonder Kon Mari is a success. We start to get rid of our stuff. Kon-Mari-ing our way to mindfulness. Until we are done decluttering, wondering what’s next.


Off course, shopping without buying is not the next best option. But it is easy to show this behaviour. Decluttering might have changed the way we look at the crap we keep. But we did not change our shopping habits just yet. Yes, some of use hit momentum. Still, thinking that you don’t want to shop and actually not shopping, are two different things. For most of us shopping is an activity we learned jung. We became masters of consuming that made us slaves to consumerism. This is not something that changes overnight.  We have to learn how to handle the tricks of marketeers. How to resist the shiny new. Even when you get confronted with it. It’s like if you stop smoking or drinking. The addicts that really want to change the bad are on the right track, but actually changing is another chapter.

I’m an all or nothing kind of person. I need to change habits drastically in order to get it. I tried to do a no-new-clothes-year last year. It’s hard to admit but I failed, horribly.This is why I will not buy anything during one month. Yes, I need food. My pantry is too small to live off of it for a whole month. Also, I want to live. Experiences allowed (within my budget.) What I mean with no buy is: Don’t buy stuff: Neither physical nor digital.

What I really want to do is a No Buy Year. But I will start off with a No Buy Month. Clothes are my weakness. Believe me, I’m not proud of it. Like is there anything more shallow than clothes?! I would like to have a weakness for books or something like it. No, mine is clothes and it’s shallow. And I hate it. I hate it so much that it will motivate me, hopefully.


Update: I fnished the No Buy Month with succes. This is what I’ve learned from it.


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